POS Solutions

Read about some of the POS solutions we’ve delivered, from fast Take-Away’s, Fuel Service, Fine Dining, to major Conference and Sporting venues.  You’ll see that Prosys is the supplier of choice for many premier establishments - and affordable for the most modest.

Our Premier software product is IdealPOS, a powerful general retail POS system with exceptional features for food service at all levels.  It is fully integrated with MYOB and Xero accounting, hotel management, fuel systems, EFTPOS, web-ordering, on-line reporting. and is franchise ready.  IdealPOS is an Australian product.

Thinking about Vend and Kounta?  These web-only products sound good at first however in any given configuration you’ll be better off with a desktop POS system after about three years.  If you really want a Tablet POS we have Tabby, a ‘private-web’ POS system that’s great value for Cafes and small Retail.  Check it out here.

  • POS Terminals

    POS terminal selection is a technical exercise, mixed in with a degree of interior design.  This may sound strange, but how the POS looks, sounds and sits in your shop can enhance the sales experience.

    Modern POS hardware is quiet and powerful but there are still technical issues to resolve.  Once these are met, the usability, serviceability and aesthetics come into play.  For most food-service requirements performance is not at issue and we guide the customer in selecting the best combination of the rest. 

    The site may handle oily or crumbly goods and these need flat screens that can be wiped clean.  They may have limited counter space so a fully integrated terminal will be installed to save space.  Specific needs such as scanners, scales, integrated EFTPOS all affect the counter design and customer flow. 

    We’ve seen installations where the POS had to be installed in a poorly designed counter, leaving operators struggling with the POS location and customers not getting the best service experience.  Avoid this pitfall and involve us early in the design process - it is a free service that will ensure you get the best from your staff and POS.

  • Restaurant Features
  • Scanners and Scales
  • Integrated EFTPOS
  • Fuel Service - Service Stations
  • Port Arthur Lavender

    NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderPort Arthur Lavender is a busy Lavender Farm and Tourism Centre, on the Arthur Highway near Port Arthur.

    The owners came to us with their plan for opening this site and needed a POS that will work in an area with poor communication services.  They needed communications to manage the POS from their home farm, some 50km away, they needed communications to support integrated EFTPOS with China Union access for their Chinese visitors.  There were no available fixed broadband services and intermittent 3G services in that area, even the phones were unreliable!

    IdealPOS is designed to operate over slow and intermittent communications and has been operating  at Port Arthur Lavender since their opening in October 2014.  It has coped with the poor communications with no problem over that time.  The integrated EFTPOS has also operated well with minimal downtime caused by data blackouts.

    IdealPOS keeps the backoffice at their main farm updated continuously and changes made at the home farm are relayed instanty to the Port Arthur site.  We can remotely support them with IdealPOS’ integral remote access system.

    From the owner:

    Deciding on a POS system was one of the hardest decisions we made when starting our business.  We looked at many different options available at the time.  We found that having Rod and Michael there to help set everything up was really important.  They are only ever a phone call away and are very knowledgeable.  It makes our business run smoother and more efficiently than we could have imagined.   Being able to access the system live from home has been a huge advantage.   A very worth while investment.

    Clare and Brendan Dean

  • Riverside Golf Club
  • Mure's Upper Deck
  • Mure's Lower Deck
  • Blundstone Arena
  • Salamanca Inn
  • Mazbah in Centrepoint
  • Salt Cafe Moonah
  • Baker's Dozen Launceston