Contact and Feedback ..

Where has Prosys gone?  Well, nowhere much!

We all found 2020 difficult and during that time many of us improved our remote working skills.  This year we are going to continue using those skills.  We have moved out of our office and will be working remotely.  This is partly because of changes in our technology mix and partly due to illness in our Staff.

There are no changes for you other than we no longer have an office face for you to visit, deliver or collect equipment.  We found that we were keeping the office open just to accept deliveries and welcome the occasional visitor.  We may return to a small office space if demand requires.

Meanwhile, phone or email us as usual.  If the phone is unattended then please leave a message on our answering system.  If you want to send something to us, send it here (this is not our office):

Unit 21a, 2 Bowen Rd
Moonah, TAS, 7009